Posted by: Errow | June 20, 2008

We need more books!

Contributed by Erin Reynolds

We have started teaching a number of new classes of teachers, training them in Thomas Jefferson Education. They are so excited! It’s amazing to see these people as the light turns on and they realize that they have a unique role to fulfill and they have immense power as teachers.

The TJEd classes are empowering because 1) the teachers realize that while they may not be in whatever their chosen field would be, they can actually have huge impact in that field THROUGH teaching, and 2) they realize that they have a unique mission, and that they can do so much if they set their mind to it. So many here have lost hope; they feel that Uganda’s problems are so big, that life is just a process of swimming through and struggling against an impossible, inexplicable tempest. Once they start to realize that while there are HUGE problems here, but that ordinary people can have impact, then they really catch on fire. So that’s what we get to see every day.

We recently met a young man, Jimmy, who told us he was a manager and that he wanted to take us to his home village which was not far because he wanted some white people to visit and honor his people. We obliged, and as he lived quite close by he soon introduced us to a lot of pigs (which is what he is the “manager” of,) and then to his boss’s wife and family who own a school. He kept saying (literally at least twenty times), “It is SUCH an honor that you have come to visit me! Thank you SO much! It is SUCH an honor.”

Many of the people here feel that the Muzungus (white people) are such a blessing to their society because they come and serve, but at the same time, they are under the impression that all Muzungus have TONS of money. The kids often come up to us and say, “I want a Million dollars! Give me a million dollars!” My response is that “I want a million dollars too!” So although Jimmy was SO grateful to receive us at his home village, he still felt the need to ask us for 1000 shillings when we left (about 45 cents). We didn’t give it to him, but we promised to go back to the school he showed us and tell them about LEU!

Well I could go on, but I want you all to know how blessed you are to live in a country where education is so available, where books are so available, where great music and literature and art are so available. The quality of life here is different qualitatively and quantitatively both physically and mentally, emotionally, spiritually…we are so blessed to have what we do.

Lastly, in honor of Jimmy 😉 , we are in need of more TJ Ed books! We have over 100 students right now, and less than 30 books to go around. I know all of you have already been SO Generous, but if you know anyone else who might be to donate even five dollars that will help us get one more book here. We’re trying to raise enough to cover the cost of books–someone has already offered to donate the shipping costs. If you can help, please let me know. Timothy, one of the teachers, has read his copy seven times and I know that he’s not the exception. These books are so valuable here.

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