Posted by: Stephen Palmer | June 23, 2008

Renaissance of Kings: A Ugandan Government Official’s Perspective

Laura Bledsoe, one of our alumni currently serving in Uganda, taught David Wambogo, a Ugandan government official in the Mukono District. He recently sent her his annotation of and thoughts on A Renaissance of Kings by Dr. Andrew Groft, which is tangible evidence that our volunteers are making a real difference in this great country.

David writes,

Kings originally were men and women who would give and protect life. In other words they were custodians of life and cardinal aim was to protect life and any other person is also a king in his own jurisdiction. For example a man or woman is a king in his own family and the children are the princes and princesses .

However, it should be noted that today the kings who are leaders are the ones who are responsible for taking away lives through different ways like killings, bad policies socially, economically and political policies used to destroy human kind.

Remember Jesus was a king among kings which kings are we people whom he had come to serve and he said that he had not only come to give life but also to give it abundantly or in its fullest.

Therefore Jesus Christ as a king was an exemplary leader an icon and a true king compared to the false kings of today who can not rescue their people from things like hunger, poverty, epidemics, bad world devices like homosexuality , lesbianism etc.


This war is or does not involve flesh and blood but it is rather directed towards fighting of powers of darkness. These powers of darkness which we have today are actually the corrupt leaders, who practice things like sectarianism, tribalism, using wage as weapon of powers, embezzlement of state funds, etc.


The war techniques we are employing today in the fight against powers of darkness are rather backward and have not identified the real enemy therefore in most times we have used all types of ammunitions which are always off the target. In most cases we have gone for blood and flesh which has led to loss of lives, destruction of property, rape, and many others.

Strategies used in the fight against powers of darkness some times have yielded a few solutions to solving some African problems for example the N.R.M revolution in Uganda up to 1986 which thought was a fundamental change but however it should be noted that the real enemy has not been addressed or tackled and this has more less led to loss of life and property and things like corruption and stealing of public funds are at their best or highest. Therefore it is very important to change strategy and identify the real enemy rather than having imaginary enemies.

It should also be noted that in this fight people seem to have lost confidence fighting the powers of darkness as they expected a lot of changes which have not come forth with especially the youth.

However, it should be noted that one hero will appear and be ready to lead this fight who will consequently change a few hundreds of people who will later change a thousands and the tenth of thousands to millions which will lead to a social, political and economic change globally.


The real enemy in this context is the mind, heart and soul of people. We should be able to change the minds, strengths and hearts of our people to have a different way of thinking. In this way we shall easily triumph over our enemy who is the powers of darkness in form of corruption, nepotism, and tribalism plus terrorism which is appearing inform of Islam phobia. Therefore in this case we can see that it is not through flesh and blood that we can win this war but by rehabilitating the heart and mind. Remember the Catholics had tried by using the heart to strengthen their religion but they ended by destroying the mind and in the same way the Greeks had tried to use only the mind without accompanying it with the heart and they also failed. Therefore we should use both the heart and mind.


How do we rehabilitate the mind and heart? First of all the type of education given to our people should change. People should stop having education which only prepares them to get only jobs but they should prepare themselves with the kind of education which is relevant for society transformation, which will help them build a sense of patriotism and brotherhood with the exception of things like tribalism, corruption, Islam phobia and many others.

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  1. through a good type of education uganda and africa as a whole will change and i hope to be part of this revolution .

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