Posted by: Stephen Palmer | July 26, 2008

Preparing To Hand Over the Reins

Contributed by Eric Dowd

With less than three weeks left for me here, I have been as busy as ever.Our MTA class is the most advanced class that Elise and I have taught, and we have decided that they are ready for more responsibility. We told them to lead the class without us last Wednesday to help prepare them for being on their own after we are gone.

Unknown to them beforehand, I showed up in the middle of the class in order to see what they would be doing. There they were, huddled in their little, three-person group, discussing the meaning of life as Frankl writes about it in his book. It was great; I was so excited! I stayed until the end of the discussion, and we all had a good time.

At BSS things are running smoothly as the students prepare for their oral exams and catch up on missed assignments. They finally have all of their own copies of Tjed and they are so proud to carry the books around everywhere they go.

This past class, the students were placed into two-person teams and asked to run a simulation where they had to present Tjed to a neighboring school in hopes of that school allowing Tjed classes to be taught. Those who were not presenting acted as the school board and asked some tough questions. They were only given ten minutes, but they all did an excellent job.

I am proud to say that the teachers at BSS really have a strong grasp of the principles of Leadership Education.

This week began a new class for me at Little Angles Nursery School (LA). I thought that I was to begin it on Tuesday, but arrived to find out that none of the teachers had any idea what Leadership Education is. Quickly, I had to switch gears from teaching the first class to teaching the most basic ideas in hopes the school would accept the classes.

The timing of this experience was perfect because I then shared it with the teachers running the simulation at BSS and it added a sense of how things such as this happen in real life. Thankfully for everyone involved, the presentation at LA was a success and we held the first actual class on Thursday. The class itself was a little shaky, but I have confidence that they will improve as the teachers become more and more familiar with the material.

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