Posted by: Stephen Palmer | August 4, 2008


Contributed by Eric Dowd

The classes have been moving along wonderfully. The students are all excited about the graduation party that we plan on holding this Saturday.

Here are a few quotes from their finals:

“Given the many in-built benefits embedded in Leadership Education, I’m convinced beyond doubt that this is the most appropriate form of education that can liberate our nation from the present bondage and lead our country to prosperity… Leadership Education seems to held the answers to the problems faced in this country today.” – Katende Semakula David

“Leadership Education is a type of education that puts the learner at the center of his education. In this education, the teacher’s role is to inspire the learner to educated himself.” – Serunjogi Madina

“Once the young generation has acquired [Leadership Education], we shall have a country of statesman and [states]women of integrity.” – Lwanga Kibuka Dorothy

“[Leadership Education] will help…the learners in realizing their potential and enable the [to] contribute and share the acquired knowledge to the benefit of the society…” – Wanambwa G.Z. Ismail

“It is through teachers that Leadership Education [will] reach the young generation. If young people appreciate Leadership Education, then Uganda’s future will be bright.” – Serunjogi Madina

“In Uganda today we have managers and professionals leading in areas they have no training for, such as government, and we get a nation of followers who don’t question anything wrong…because these are the type of leaders [we] know. [We] have no experience with anything else. Hence the need for Leadership Education in Uganda.” – Hajj Kiwannka K. Nasser

“The advantages of Leadership Education are so many that I cannot exhaust them…” – Ojok Ismail

“It may take a generation to throw off the bad habits of teaching, but my humble appeal is let’s get started.” – Zziwa Muhamoud

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