About LEU

Leadership Education Uganda is a teaching internship created by mentors, alumni, and students from George Wythe University. Volunteers spend the majority of their time conducting teacher development courses in the local schools.

Since most Ugandan children spend the majority of their lives at boarding schools and are essentially raised by their teachers, Ugandan teachers are the tipping point of societal impact.

LEU volunteers participate in the following service activities and excursions, among others:

  • Teach teacher development classes in schools located in the Mukono District on leadership education.
  • Train local teachers to continue the teacher development classes after you leave.
  • Teach community classes on leadership skills.
  • LEU-Youth, a youth program that teaches youth the essentials they will need to be the change they wish to see in the world.
  • Promotion of LEU through lectures and workshops to political as well as educational audiences.

Click here to learn how you can become a volunteer, or read testimonials from some of our previous volunteers. Also, we can always use donations, primarily to purchase classics for our students in Uganda.

To view a video about LEU, follow this link:

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