Photo Gallery

Library For a 500-Student School–The Library of Congress it Ain’t

(Of Course, With a Minimal Investment…We’re Just Sayin’)

Keepin’ it Real With a Colloquium, GWU-Style–You Know How We Do!

The Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Have Asked For Anything More

Stephen Covey is Now an International Author–Pretty Much Thanks to Us

Village Near Mukono

Boys Working in Rock Quarry (What could education do for them?)

More Boys At the Rock Quarry

A Local Kitchen

A Very Large, Very Scary Looking Cow Having Absolutely Nothing To Do With Education, But It Looks Cool

Sezzibwa Waterfall


  1. Thank you for your pictures and for the work you are doing. You have made me laugh and also brought tears to my eyes. I am so inspired. You are living my dream. It’s time I figured out a way to live it too.

  2. Well from the photo of this blog, i can learn something from it. As Malyasians, i thanks God since have good opportunity to study with good condition in our country.. may be one day i will help all children in the world to get a better education in their live

  3. You can see the love in your faces. This is the true spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. This is what it means to be part of the human family. What you are doing in Uganda is what our Heavenly Father wants to see his children do for each other. This is the stuff Eternity is made of. There is Greatness in Uganda!

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